Dreams Can Become Reality By Powering Through

From Dreams To Reality…

“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” – Calvin Coolidge, Lawyer and 30th POTUS.


Passion is what feeds today’s industry. Young aspiring pilots are aware of the grueling path ahead: costly flight lessons, years building hours, heavy competition, low entry pay, long work hours, mandatory retirement, constant training and evaluation, constant drug and alcohol testing, background checks, and huge liability. And yet, they are determined to power through.

All aviators say that passion and determination come from the fascination for the power of technology, the sense of freedom that comes with climbing up through an overcast to clear sky, the thrill of approaching the runway in total control, the jaw-dropping sunsets, and the wonders of the sceneries seen from above.

As for hard work, it starts at choosing the right course of action for your career as a pilot. Some questions must be answered before you proceed: what is your ultimate goal in aviation? Are you aiming at an airline or a corporate jet position? Do you want to buy an airplane or will you rent? Do you wish to travel or just fly locally? Will you be a part time or full time student? Will you need financial help?


If you are still sure that you want to make flying your profession, three possible roads lay ahead:

US Military

This option requires embracing the military lifestyle and shouldn’t be solely based on your desire to become a pilot. You will need to become an officer first and then qualify for officer training school, and hope to be approved. This is an average of 5 to 10 commitment.

College Degree

While it is imperative for major airlines, and not mandatory for regionals, as a general rule you will have a rough time being considered without a degree. Bachelor of Science with emphasis in Aviation is preferred. This is the most common, but financially challenging path.

Flight Schools

Learning how to fly requires individualized instruction. Choosing a good flight school and instructor to begin working on your private pilot certificate – the very first step to wherever you wish to go in aviation – can be tricky as there are many available. You will find two categories: Part 61 and Part 141. While the first is more flexible for students, the latter is FAA certified, follows its guidance and inspections. For that reason, less flight time is required for each license:

  • Private pilot license (minimum age: 16 years old) – required Part 61: 40 hours /required Part 141: 35 hours.
  • Commercial pilot License (minimum age: 23 years old) – required Part 61: 250 hours/required Part 141: 190 hours.


If you want to fly as an airline pilot, you are required to have a minimum of 1,500 logged hours. The first step to get there is to work on you private pilot license and then move on to obtain:

Instrument Rating

Required Part 61: 40 flight hours + 50 Hours of cross country Pilot-in-Command (PIC) and 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument conditions/ required Part 141: 35 flight hours.

Commercial Certificate

(*All pilots transporting passengers or cargo must get a commercial pilot’s license with an instrument rating issued by the FAA) – required Part 61: 250 flight hours+100 hours PIC (Pilot in Command) + 50 hours cross country +10 hours of dual instruction in a complex aircraft/required Part 141: 190 flight hours.

When facing competition for a position in the industry, many candidates may opt for smaller regional airlines. There, they can accumulate experience on scheduled passenger-carrying flights into busy airports in all weather conditions.

But if the airline path is not your choice, with your commercial pilot’s certificate in hand, other options are open to you: flight instructor, charter pilot, cargo pilot, test pilot, agricultural pilot or you can choose to go corporate.

A corporate pilot position – often at the end of fierce competition – is not your typical 9-to-5, regular schedule-job but it can also offer diversity, adventure, and decent average salaries. One can expect to become eventually Chief Pilot of a major flight department and then onto a Director of Operations for a flight Department.

Going To The Right Flight School

Good pilots are the product of good flight training. With an ever-threatening worldwide commercial airline pilot shortage, flight schools have becoming increasingly sought after. In the US, Florida is by far the most attractive place for flight training because of its clement weather and aviation friendly environment. In South Florida only, over 200 pilot training schools are welcoming a flow of international and domestic students looking for cheaper, faster and a more pleasant location to learn how to fly.

For those who know their goals and capabilities, finding THE best flight school based on your training needs is the next step.

In addition to the choice between the two categories, – Part 61 and Part 141- you will need to consider your available time, financing needs (Part 141 schools can qualify for a few reimbursed training) and location.

Once you have your short list of flight schools, here is what you should find in the one you will chose:

  • Good school reputation on flight regulations and safety policies
  • Years of operation in the business
  • Good instructional staff, enrollment numbers, and credentials
  • Reasonable number and types of aircraft used in the school’s flight instruction program
  • Spacious and pleasant facilities for ground school purposes
  • Possibility of benefits as housing and financial aid
  • Full airport services (instrument approaches and control towers)



The Aviation Bug: What’s The Treatment???

The Aviation Bug

In the aviation world, pilot’s stories never have the same beginning: some were born with the bug, some had an uncle or father who influenced them, others had no aviators around them at all, and others yet were flashed by a movie, by a flight they made, by simply living near an airport… or none of the above.

The son of a lawyer/politician and a chemistry teacher, Charles Lindbergh, « The Lone Eagle », had no links to aviation before dropping out of engineering school to start flight training. Amelia Earhart, the first female aviation pioneer, found her passion in her mid 20’s while flying with her father’s friend. The Wright brothers, considered by many as the forefathers of aviation, caught the bug while playing with a French-made “helicopter” toy their father bought them when they were11 and 6 years old. Last but not least, Santos Dumont, the man who many believe to be the first to have flown a heavier-than-air aircraft, affirmed he fell in love with planes just by simply gazing at his homeland’s beautiful blue skies.

Regardless of very different backgrounds and life stories, once the “bug” bites you, there is no running! The “symptoms” are easily and quickly identifiable: lack of interest in other forms of entertainment, monothematic conversations, and strolling-around-airport weekends. The treatment… well, there is only one: go for it! Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a long, hard, pricy, fascinating ride, because if the cause of all aviators’ fever is different, three common denominators bring them together along the way: passion, determination and hard work.

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GoFly Pilot Profile: Carlos Martins

GoFly Pilot Profile: Carlos Martins

From the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he grew up, Carlos Martins – or “Dudu” as he is still called there – was known for his daydreaming and constant looking-up-to-the-skies demeanor.


The son of a strict former navy officer, Carlos was a smart, focused teen, raised within a hard- working, close-knit family. He soon realized his passion for flying was not going to materialize in that troubled neighborhood of Vila Kennedy, where violence still dictates everyday life. With that thought in mind, he bid a teary farewell to his loved ones at age 17 and headed to Florida without a penny to his name.

Once in Miami, unpacked and settled in his cousins’ studio, his first immediate need was to find his way to the airport again. There, he knew, everything would begin for him. Without a car or directions, he endeavored to walk all the way from Doral to Miami International Airport, just by following approaching airplanes’ route. At the end of four hours, with hurting feet and neck, he reached destination. His American adventure could now start.

For the first few years, Carlos washed cars, waited tables, and worked as a valet, sometimes all at once, to pay for flying lessons and college. “Mine is a very classic story of passion and work,” says Carlos, “My struggles to become a pilot were not a questionable burden. I had a goal and I went for it!” Those relentless six-year of work got him enough money to co-buy a small Cessna 150. “I finally owned a small part of a plane with three other friends but I did not have a car to go to the airport, so I continued walking my way there until, later, I was able to afford a scooter”. Flying at the time still occupied his mind 24/7.


A Miami-Dade student, a hotel accounting clerk and an evening-shift waiter on Española Way, Carlos continued pursuing his ultimate goal – to become an airline pilot – very much aware of the rough path that lied ahead. “A pilot student knows that he has to study during every spare minute, accumulate pricy flying hours, go through endless accreditations, licensing and type-ratings,” he says, “and only then will he join the crowd struggling for a job, living on very low, entry-level salary and making ends meet. And yet, here we are! Going after our dream,” adds Carlos.

Pretty busy bee was he when he met his future wife and her adventurous, multicultural, boating family. The Donels had settled in Florida after a three-year family sailing trip that took them from France – where they originally came from – to Brazil, his mother-in-law’s birth country as well. They had crossed the Atlantic and sailed up along the Brazilian coast during those years and, after countless adventures, had anchored their 57ft long Mikado in Fort Lauderdale, where they decided to settle and start a new life.



Turning Point

“Meeting my wife and her family changed my life completely. And theirs as well” he says “My father-in-law is a passionate, creative former architect, fascinated by boats and planes. My mother-in-law is an experienced marketing and communications professional and Beatrice, my wife, a law student, has an amazing, business-oriented mindset. Soon, we began piecing together the perfect aviation business for us, one where we would combine our skills”.

From boat to plane, the similarities are known to be many. Their creative brains together gave birth to GoFly Tours in 2012 and they initiated operations at the legendary Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport – where Presidents land their Air Force One – with one Cessna 172.


“The initial GoFly idea was – and is – to offer sightseeing tours over Miami by specially trained pilots who would offer customers a differentiated service, guided tours with champagne and chocolate for some, overlooking the luxurious geography and skyline”, he explains.

All through his first rough years in Miami, Carlos had navigated in and benefited from the incredible and unique bond that links all aviation aficionados. Mechanics, FBO employees, assistants, and fuel delivering team, all became his adopted family, one that rooted for him and helped him in any way they could. So when GoFly was created, the best team was already in place to work with “Carlito”, as he is now called around the airport.

The whole company concept was born from the fact that Miami was becoming a huge paradise destination, with record numbers of visitors, all looking for new, out-of-the-box things to do. This estimate proved to be accurate: Miami-Dade continued its streak of record-setting tourism numbers, welcoming 14.6 million overnight visitors in 2014.

Soon the company formed partnership with all pertinent hospitality partners and offered Romantic Tours, Majestic tours, Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood Tours with great success. Real- estate agents, photographers and local residents looking for a one-of-a-kind activity or wedding proposal idea, were also part of the audience.


In 2014, GoFly welcomed a new partner, Fabio Bernardi. An experienced and successful Italian pilot and businessman, Fabio had been one of the company’s first customers, while on an exploratory trip with his wife. Now Miami-based and fully integrated, he is part of the management team and helps handle all operations and coordinate aircraft maintenance.


“Flying” forward, with the right priorities

With Fabio on board, Carlos was able to pursue his career by also becoming a fully certified executive jet pilot. He continues to be the backbone of the GoFly’s operations, working alongside his wife and in-laws. The much-appealing multi-cultural “family” office atmosphere has attracted several additional young aficionados looking for training and building flight hours.

Cessna aircraft

With an eye on numbers of flight students coming to South Florida yearly and persuaded that the aviation friendly environment, clement weather and paradise-like lifestyle in the area will continue to attract them, Carlos has plans to be on the front row of the trend. “GoFly is on the right track to becoming a Part 141 flight training school soon, I hope”, he says, “We will expand our course of action and will be able to tackle international markets such as Europe and South America, where eager young pilots are ready to come to Florida to finish their training.” The school will also offer an English for Aviation course, much needed and requested by international customers.

With more than 30 flying schools just in the Miami-Pompano Beach area, moving forward can be challenging. “Our only concern is to provide our customers with a top-notch, well-maintained fleet”, says Carlos, who has a team of mechanics working on 3 Cessnas 172, 1 Archer, 1 Malibu, 1 Seneca and the 10-seater Islander. “I have worrisome memories of some of the aircraft I was given to fly while in training. We don’t want to become just another pilot-factory school and we are ready to slow our growth pace if needed.”

Cessna aircraft

Today, when entering the beautiful and spacious GoFLy office at the Orion Jet Center hangar, overlooking a group of jets and turbo props, one will see a framed certificate on the wall. In less than two years, GoFly obtained the Holy Grail of aviation, the same one held by all major airlines: the Part 135 Air Carrier license. “With that we will soon be offering charters to most cities in Florida and in the future, international destinations such as Cuba, we hope”, says Carlos.

So, now a very busy 30 year old entrepreneur and a much requested jet pilot, Carlos-Dudu-Carlito, the ambitious “carioca” teen who could have had a very different life story had he not sprinted after his flying dream in America, added yet another essential role to his already full plate: a dad to 11-month old Sofia. “I came full circle, now”, he concludes, “I still fly a lot, both in real life and in my dreams, but solid ground has just gotten a whole new meaning for me”.

A View From the Skies (VIDEO)

The Sky is the Limit

One word to describe GoFly Tours: breathtaking.  Our tours are made for every type of individual interested in taking to the skies to see our beautiful city from above.  Browse our tour packages for more information HERE.  Our Majestic Tour begins at the famous Fort Lauderdale beaches paradise and glides to Hollywood’s Seminole Hard Rock Cafe and South Beach’s Versace Mansion. See it all with our ultimate package.  Check out a recent clip of some footage we just captured!

5 Reasons to Take an Airport Tour in Miami


1. The Weather is Always Amazing

South Florida enjoys an average annual temperature of 82°F, ranging from an average low of 75°F in the winter to 89°F in the summer, making it an ideal place to vacation and bask in our best commodity—sunshine! Taking a tour at any time of the day is a surreal experience, high above the traffic and close enough to appreciate its beautiful artistry.  With nice weather year round,  you get an unreal experience in one of our gorgeous planes.


2. Amazing Views Above South Beach

South Beach is visited by millions annually.  Why?  It’s a cultural melting pot of five star restaurants, beautiful and sugar-white sands. Not to mention, the neighborhood lies at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach, and its 2-mile-long swath of beautiful beaches attracts beautiful celebrities, sun-seekers and a spring break partiers. Explore beyond the sultry sands and be charmed by its historic architecture and trendy restaurants.  See it all from above in a beautiful display of familiar architecture and beautiful sun scorched terrain.


3. Great Idea for a First Date

Looking to impress that boy/girl who isn’t afraid to think outside the box?  Book one of our Airplane Tours in Miami to really take advantage of our services.  Our Romantic Tour overlooks luxurious Miami skyscrapers, and lagoon-blue Caribbean waters, with a romantic scenario including a complimentary glass of champagne and chocolates to eternally imprint this magical moment in your memory. With more than 75 minutes to enjoy it, what do you have to lose?


 4. Bucket-List Worthy Experience

Riding in a Cessna 172 is the ultimate “bucket list” item, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you move on.  Flying in a private plane high above the ground, the wind at your back, the pilot comfortable floating above the air pockets and your tour guide of your favorite city from above is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. An Inexpensive Way to Take to the Skies

In what other instance can you take to the skies with ease for the ultimate flight experience for less than the cost of one ticket from Miami to New York?  Only at GoFly Tours do you get an unparalleled luxury, fun experience filled with knowledge about our beautiful state.  Treat yourself to one of South Florida’s most magical moments and be mesmerized by the shifting shades of amber to pink blue skies. Enjoy South Beach, Ocean Drive and Biscayne Bay’s electric vibes from above.  Or, have a glimpse from above of the man-made, highly exclusive Star Island, where celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Rosie O’Donnell and Gloria Estefan, amongst others, have elected to live in tropical glamour.  The choice is yours!  So, to get started on your journey BOOK A FLIGHT Today!