A View From the Skies (VIDEO)

The Sky is the Limit

One word to describe GoFly Tours: breathtaking.  Our tours are made for every type of individual interested in taking to the skies to see our beautiful city from above.  Browse our tour packages for more information HERE.  Our Majestic Tour begins at the famous Fort Lauderdale beaches paradise and glides to Hollywood’s Seminole Hard Rock Cafe and South Beach’s Versace Mansion. See it all with our ultimate package.  Check out a recent clip of some footage we just captured!

5 Reasons to Take an Airport Tour in Miami


1. The Weather is Always Amazing

South Florida enjoys an average annual temperature of 82°F, ranging from an average low of 75°F in the winter to 89°F in the summer, making it an ideal place to vacation and bask in our best commodity—sunshine! Taking a tour at any time of the day is a surreal experience, high above the traffic and close enough to appreciate its beautiful artistry.  With nice weather year round,  you get an unreal experience in one of our gorgeous planes.


2. Amazing Views Above South Beach

South Beach is visited by millions annually.  Why?  It’s a cultural melting pot of five star restaurants, beautiful and sugar-white sands. Not to mention, the neighborhood lies at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach, and its 2-mile-long swath of beautiful beaches attracts beautiful celebrities, sun-seekers and a spring break partiers. Explore beyond the sultry sands and be charmed by its historic architecture and trendy restaurants.  See it all from above in a beautiful display of familiar architecture and beautiful sun scorched terrain.


3. Great Idea for a First Date

Looking to impress that boy/girl who isn’t afraid to think outside the box?  Book one of our Airplane Tours in Miami to really take advantage of our services.  Our Romantic Tour overlooks luxurious Miami skyscrapers, and lagoon-blue Caribbean waters, with a romantic scenario including a complimentary glass of champagne and chocolates to eternally imprint this magical moment in your memory. With more than 75 minutes to enjoy it, what do you have to lose?


 4. Bucket-List Worthy Experience

Riding in a Cessna 172 is the ultimate “bucket list” item, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you move on.  Flying in a private plane high above the ground, the wind at your back, the pilot comfortable floating above the air pockets and your tour guide of your favorite city from above is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. An Inexpensive Way to Take to the Skies

In what other instance can you take to the skies with ease for the ultimate flight experience for less than the cost of one ticket from Miami to New York?  Only at GoFly Tours do you get an unparalleled luxury, fun experience filled with knowledge about our beautiful state.  Treat yourself to one of South Florida’s most magical moments and be mesmerized by the shifting shades of amber to pink blue skies. Enjoy South Beach, Ocean Drive and Biscayne Bay’s electric vibes from above.  Or, have a glimpse from above of the man-made, highly exclusive Star Island, where celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Rosie O’Donnell and Gloria Estefan, amongst others, have elected to live in tropical glamour.  The choice is yours!  So, to get started on your journey BOOK A FLIGHT Today!